Tennessee Fans Livid After Bills Mafia Member Crashes Through Elvis Memorial

MEMPHIS, TN – As the Bills prepare for their matchup with the Titans in Nashville, controversy has broken out as members of the Barstool famed Bills Mafia have smashed through the right-wing of Elvis’ famed 1958 Convair 880 valued at over 2 million dollars, roughly the net worth of all Orchard Park residents combined.

“These people come in here, drinking their Labatts, talking about chicken wings and something called Dyngus Day, and think they can just desecrate Graceland? Absolutely unacceptable. Elvis is still alive and he won’t stand for this.” Said Memphis resident Billy Dilly, a tour guide at Graceland.

The Bills Mafia member could not be reached for comment but he was spotted scream-singing “Shout” while blackout drunk at karaoke.

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