Rochester Man Reports This Decorative Gourd Looks like His Penis

Rochester, NY – Rochester is heading into the spooky season and local farmstands are helping residents decorate their homes by stocking gourds of all shapes and sizes.

Local boyfriends that are being dragged out to these Western NY bazaars are reporting to The Inner Loop Blog that this season close to 95% of all gourds look “exactly like my penis.”

“If you took off the stem and made it curve a little more to the right, this gourd could be my weiner’s stunt double” said one man.

“Yeah I should have worn condoms more” said another man holding a rotten misshapen gourd.

“You wish” said one local girlfriend after one man sent her a picture with a gourd sticking out of the fly of his jeans. This particular gourd was known as a micro-gourd coming in at only 1-inch in length.

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