Whistleblower Alleges ‘Sir Rocha Says’ Colluding with Russia, Trading Food Tips for Best of ROC Votes

Rochester, NY – A whistleblower has come forward to say they’ve seen local blogger Sir Rocha Says having meetings with Russian diplomats in Rochester restaurants. The whistleblower, whose identity we’re keeping anonymous for their safety and not because we’ve made them up, also told us “I overheard them talking about exchanging artisan pizza recommendations for votes on the City Newspaper’s Best Of Rochester contest.”

If the allegations are true there is little Local officials can do to enforce swift justice. After trying to connect with the RPD about the allegations they told us “it’s just an online popularity contest. We can’t put them in jail. Stop asking us to round up Sir Rocha Says and stop calling us!”

It looks like the only thing you can do to fight Russian collusion in our local politics is to vote as many times as you can for The InnerLoop Blog for CITY Newspaper’s Best Of Rochester contest.

If you need more proof that Sir Rocha Says is reaching out for foreign help check out these undoctored photos from their Instagram page. We circled the clues that prove they’re talking with Russia.


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