“Cycling Never More Popular” After Rochester Adds ‘Speed-Boosts’ to Bike Lanes

Rochester, NY – Mayor Lovely Warren has been making big changes downtown to make using alternative forms of transportation easier in Rochester. Increasing the use of bicycles in the city has been a focus of her campaign to modernize the city and some recent additions to the bike lanes has everyone buzzing.

“You know those walking escalators at airports? It’s like that but for bikes and also it’s going to make you go really f***ing fast” says the Mayor. Inspired by Mario Kart, the speed boosts developed by the Japanese Company Tinnedo,  speeds your bike up to a brisk 40mph, and promise to “get into the center of the city in no time at all.”

Following the success of the speed boosts Mayor Warren has also thought about adding other video game staples like oil slicks and “sick jumps” to the bike lanes to “keep cyclists paying attention on the road instead of texting.”

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