Local Vapist Caught Stockpiling E-Cig Juice In His Pool

Batavia, NY – The statewide ban on most e-cigarette flavors went is now in effect and many residents in Monroe County are stockpiling e-cig juice before the prohibition.

Bruce Kastanga from Batavia is getting into some trouble for going to the extreme with his vape juice hoarding. Neighbors complained that his swimming pool smelled like “someone poured Hawaiian punch into a tire fire” and upon investigation, local police determined he had dumped gallons of his favorite juice into his pool for storage.

“I haven’t used the pool in awhile so I just bought out my local shop of all their ‘Fruity Tooty Booty’ juice and filled her up. I figured if I could get the cover on tight enough it would keep over the winter and I’d be good” said Kastanga.

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