Original Rolling Stones Bassist Found Under Stack of Instruments at the House of Guitars

Rochester, NY – Many people don’t know the story of the original Rolling Stones bass guitarist Thomas Binkaid. That is because his story ended before the band’s historic rise.

Binkaid was called by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards when they were first putting together the band back in 1962. “We heard he was a great bassist from Rochester that was looking to start a new band. His family was already moving to London and he would have been perfect” said Jagger.

After receiving the call Binkaid reportedly went to get a new Bass guitar to take with him on the trip. That was the last anyone had heard from Thomas. Jagger and the rest of the Stones waited as long as they could but found Bill Wyman and the rest is history.

But what happened to Thomas Binkaid?

After moving some piles of instruments around in The House Of Guitars, one local worker discovered a leg bone. Upon further inspection, there was an entire skeleton underneath the pile.

Forensic experts say that while reaching for a bass guitar, the instruments must have collapsed on top of Binkaid crushing him to death. Since the House Of Guitars is a mess that identifies as a store, no one has moved that pile of instruments until this week.

RIP Thomas.

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