Guys Going All-Out During Friendly Game of Catch Outside Bills Game Offered Tryout

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. – If you’ve ever been to a Buffalo Bills game you know you have to keep your head on a swivel while tailgating. You could have a drunk guy jump through your table, a drunk guy puke in your grill, or a bunch of drunk guys turning a fun game of catch into the Superbowl.

Dale, Greg, Kyle, and John have been friends since college and decided to head to the Bills game today to take in the football action while catching up outside New Era Field. “Dale pulled out the pigskin and we started tossing it around for fun. But then Greg put down his Molson and we knew it was on.”

Before you can say “who’s got the smaller Weiner” these four dudes were running set plays and going full-contact while everyone else around them in the parking lot was trying to have a decent time.

“One of those losers ran straight through my rearview mirror,” said Bills fan Carol Hanson.

The Bills recruitment team just so happened to be walking into the stadium near this intense game of catch and they liked what they saw. “Those dudes were sloppy drunk but they have a lot of heart. We’re gonna give them a shot to make the team.”

They’re tryout is set for this Wednesday after the boys do a bar crawl to try and recapture the drunken magic.

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