Couple Learns Sign Language so They Can Fight at the Silent Disco

Rochester, NY – Fringe Festival is in full effect right now with art shows, dancing, acrobats, poetry, and more. The much anticipated “Silent Disco” is also back and the tickets are selling fast.

Due to the nature of the Silent Disco, we have received word that a local Rochester couple has learned sign language so they can politely fight at the upcoming Silent Disco.

The following is the statement released on the couple’s joint Instagram.

We have been to the Silent Disco every year and the same thing happens every time. We end having a few too many drinks and fighting, as you can imagine, it gets awkward. All it takes is someone taking their headphones off to hear all of our dirty laundry. So we decided this past year to learn sign language so we can properly fight at the Silent Disco without interrupting anyone’s experience!

Also, it’s a lot of fun to sign things like you’re a giant asshole and I can’t believe I married you despite my mother telling me time and time again to not marry someone like you and I have been thinking about a divorce for longer than I can bear.

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