Penny Arcade Set for Return as “Dollar Arcade” Due to Inflation

Charlotte, NY – It’s been a decade since The Penny Arcade officially closed it’s doors on October 2009 but new owners are trying to bring the popular metal/punk club back to life.

Due to inflation and also copyright laws the Penny Arcade did need a new name: The Dollar Arcade.

The D.A. (a nickname that won’t stick) is set to open as soon as management can find a new location since the Lakesiders Sports Bar inhabits their original home.

“We love the juxtaposition of a dingy punk music club being in the middle of a nice little beach town so we’re thinking about bringing this new piece of trash to Pittsford! Think of it, lots of soccer moms shopping at Wegmans, a jewelry store every two feet, then boom, our club blasting Good Charlotte and Paramore!” said Steve Irnquist the Dollar Arcade’s major benefactor.

The InnerLoop’s Financial staff estimates the club will last one month and Rochester’s gonorrhea levels will spike.


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