Irondequoit Man Admits He Has Never Spelled His Hometown Right Without Auto-Correct

Irondequoit, NY – While Niko Bryan was born in Irondequoet he admits he has never been able to spell it correctly without spellcheck on his devices.

“Yeah honestly I am super glad when I have to type in my address online that I get to put Rochester instead of trying to spell that mess of vowels and shit” Niko told us at the InnerLoop.

Irondequoiet derives its name from the Native tribe known as ‘Vinny-and-angello-of-irondequoita-dodge.’ A hunter-gatherer based Indian civilization that traded beaver pelts for Dodge Neons in the early 1800s.

Ironically, even though Ironedaquoit has one of the more difficult town names to spell the Erondahquout School District consistently ranks at the bottom of literacy education.

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