Seneca Park Zoo Accidentally Schedules ZooBrew on Opposite Day

Rochester, NY – Choas took over the Seneca Park Zoo after a scheduling error put ZooBrew on an opposite day.

In accordance with opposite day law, all the humans had to be put on display in the cages, while the animals were able to roam free and drink craft beers.

“The animals really had a blast,” said marketing manager Stacy Tillgum. “The elephants got black-out drunk almost immediately and start using their tusks in inappropriate ways and the otters filled a kiddy pool with White Claw and swam around in it.”

There are also reports of a Tiger getting so wasted it got the SNow Leopard pregnant.

“Luckily all the beer made it easy to get the animals back into their cages” said another representative from the Zoo. “The difficulty was actually getting all the white people out of the enclosures. They kept on saying it was like ‘camping’ and it ‘made them feel free’ or some stupid shit.”

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