Wegmans VR Game Allows You to Experience Waiting Behind Someone with 15 Coupons in Digital Space

The city is buzzing over the latest technological innovation to come out of the bustling virtual reality market.

A new locally created game will finally allow gamers to experience waiting in line behind an old lady at Wegmans who is trying to use way too many coupons, but this time, in virtual space.

“It’s just as frustrating as the real thing!” Said one gamer

“I really felt like I was being mildly inconvenienced by a real person, it’s truly breathtaking how far virtual reality has come”

The last time a game like this was attempted was in 1992 for Nintendo’s failed “Virtual Boy” system, where it was impossible to distinguish whether the person was delaying the line using coupons or writing a check for $3.74, due to the limitations of the systems graphics capabilities.

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