After 10-Years & 2 Marriages, A Local Man Has Ate Every Combination at Netsin’s Ice Cream

Irondequoit, NY – The local ice cream parlor Netsin’s is known for its giant ice cream menu and Fred Sorren from Irondequoit took it upon himself to try every flavor.

“It started off as an end of the week treat but then it turned into a nightly treat. I knew I couldn’t stop so I decided to make the best of my addiction and decided to review every combination” said Mr. Sorren.

“He’s like the reverse Jared Fogle. I mean instead of going to Subway every day to lose weight, this dude was coming here every night to gain weight, and also he’s the opposite of a pedophile I guess too” said one of Netsin’s teenage ice cream scoopers.

Fred knew he was in for a commitment when he started his journey. “I did the math and between all of the different ice-creams they carry and all of the toppings I knew it would take at least a couple of years to pull this off.”

Unfortunately, as you could expect from a man that eats ice-cream every night, he’s a big fat idiot and did not do his math correctly. It took him an entire decade to taste every ice-cream and toppings combination.

In that time, he has been married twice citing the ice-cream as the cause of both divorces. “I’m lactose intolerant. My wives were milk-fart intolerant.”

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