Construction Workers on 104/590 Ramp Closure Caught Making Rad Skate Videos Instead of Working

Rochester, NY – The ongoing construction on the 104 Eastbound ramp to the Bay Bridge continues to frustrate motorists, and to make things work, it appears as if the construction workers are taking advantage of the situation.

“I am used to driving past construction and seeing one guy work while 6 sit around and be frustrated but what I saw yesterday was just insane” local commuter Gerold Forguler told The InnerLoop Blog.

We got several reports that no construction was going on for major stretches of the day so that the construction workers could shoot some super rad, fish-eye lense, Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1-like skate videos.

“Listen bruh, when else are we gonna be able to shred this sick ass ramp?” an anonymous construction worker told us.

Rochester drivers will just have to hope the repairs stay on track and are completed after a month. However, we have been told reopening the ramp is all dependent on if “Sick Dick” Dan can tailslide off the safety rails and triple kickflip over a traffic cone.

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