Bills Fans Upset About New “OJ Simpson Themed Escape Room” at Training-Camp

Pittsford, NY – The Bills made several upgrades to their fan area at St. John Fisher College and one of them has some Bills Mafia members upset.

The new O.J. Simpson escape room employs several of the Fisher Students in the Drama Club to recreate the night that changed the former Bills Running-Back life forever. The night he stole all his own memorabilia.

Oh? Did you think it was going to be murder related? Something he is clearly innocent for? Nope.

The escape room is an exact replica of the Las Vegas Hotel Room OJ Simpson and his fellow robbers stole football memorabilia at gunpoint back in 2007. Here your family and friends get to pretend you’re Juice and try to escape the room with the most lucrative memorabilia you can grab.

Some fans say this is in bad taste. Others are disappointed the escape room isn’t about the other night that changed Simpson’s life forever. The night he escaped the Towering Inferno.

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