New Cereal Throwing Bar to Open up in East Ave Wegmans Parking Lot

Rochester,NY- The cereal bar is on the rise along with Axe throwing bars and there isn’t a damn thing us Rochesterians can do about it. With Morgans Cereal bar opening up right across from POPROC, it only makes sense that someone came up with the genius idea to open up a “Cereal throwing bar” right on east ave as well. The new bar will be opening in east ave Wegmans parking lot this fall. We had a chance to speak with the owner about why he chose this business.

” You know, I saw all these new businesses emerging, between the Axe throwing bar, the cereal bars. I thought to myself, why hasn’t anyone combined the two? It seems like a no brainer, people love cereal and people love getting their inner rage out. So, I’m happy to bring this idea to Rochester and help people live out their dreams of throwing a bow of cocoa puffs in someones face. Now I haven’t confirmed I can open up this location in the Wegmans parking lot, but honestly at this point in Rochester, it seems you can open up a business wherever the f*** you want and no one cares. YOLO

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