Del Lago Employee Thinks Fleetwood Mac Tribute Show Will Turn This Thing Around

WATERLOO, NY – With concerns growing about to be financial stability of the new casino, one employee believes a 70s soft rock cover band is just the thing to get people coming out to the Seneca County casino.

“It’s been a tough go, we’ve gone through some financial struggles and the psychic lady that came through didn’t really get the people going the way we had hoped. But we have REO Speedwag-, I mean Fleetwood Mac coming to blow the doors off this place soon!” Said Bartelby Delafeeber, a spa employee who cleans up after the geriatric men who use the sauna.

We reminded Mr. Delafeeberdeeber that it’s actually a tribute band and not Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham, but that did not impede his enthusiasm.

“I mean, they’re still going to be playing the hits right? Then it’s fine. We don’t need Stevie, as long as we have a similar old blonde lady to sing “go your own way” to a packed house of people taking a break from slot machines, we’re gonna definitely be able to avoid bankruptcy for another couple months.”

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