Red Wings to Host “Missing Finger Night” on 5th of July

Rochester, NY- Frontier Field is hosting back to back promotional nights this weekend with their Fourth Of July celebration to be followed by their first ever Missing Finger Discount Ticket night on the Fifth. Fans who lost a finger in the previous days festivities will receive twenty percent off at the gate, as well as a voucher for one free White Hot while supplies last.

In an eye opening interview on Joe Rogans podcast, Red Wings mascot Spikes revealed his own harrowing experience with fireworks. “I damn near lost a wing, it was f***in’ nuts, I still have feathers that haven’t grown back. Wait is that what I am? A bird? I’m a bird right?” Despite his vast experience as an interviewer, Rogan could only respond with shock, “Thats crazy”, he said.

Proceeds from the night will go to benefit The Mascots Who’re Pretty Sure They’re Supposed To Be Birds? foundation, of which Spikes is a founding member.

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