Red Wings Rainbow Fireworks Display Triggers Everyone’s Grandpa

Rochester,NY- July 4th is around the corner and everyone is making their plans. Some will go to Charlotte beach to the sound of children screaming because a needle is in their foot. Others will get drunk one east ave and scream racial slurs in the name of “America”.

Others will be going to a Red Wings game and enjoy their brand new rainbow fireworks display in honor of pride month and supporting the LGBTQ community! While this beautiful moment will be enjoyed by most people, we here at the Inner Loop are sad to announce that everyone’s grandpa will be completely triggered out of their bigoted skulls at this idea.

We have no doubt you will hear such things as “I dont understand why we have to promote this lifestyle”, or my personal favorite “Why can we have a straight pride month”. These grandpas will moan and shout, but thankfully their bigotry will be drowned out by fireworks that will surely set of their PTSD from the war. Goodbye old bigoted grandpas, it was never fun and the world is a better place without you.

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