Person With Worst Taste Put in Charge of Music at Kickball Game

ROCHESTER, NY – The “fun” kickball league was a little less fun today when the person with the worst taste in music was put in charge of the playlist for the game.

“John got a new portable speaker and said he wanted to try it out. We had no idea he was a fan of such terrible music” said Trevor the Team Captain of Balls To The Walls.

The music was awful. If any of it was playing on a jukebox at a bar, the city would close it down as a health hazard. If any of these songs played at a wedding, the marriage would end in a murder-suicide that night.

Deepcuts of Nickelback, non-deepcuts of Imagine Dragons, polka, any rapper with a Lil in their name.

The game took a turn in the 3rd inning when John started blasting Mongolian Throat Singing. The music could be heard throughout Genesee Valley Park. All of the dogs and children on the sidelines throughout the park burst into tears in unison.

Balls To The Walls ended up winning the game by forfeit. After the game, the referee assigned to that field retired and is now seeking psychiatric help.

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