ZooBrew To Feature A New Buffalo Exhibit Showing Bills Fans In Their Natural Habitat

ROCHESTER, NY – It’s that time of year where a love of viewing animals in captivity and drinking $8 Labatt come together for the annual Zoobrew at Seneca Park Zoo.

But in addition to the cute otters and weird little reptile displays, there will now be an entire sanctuary of displaced Buffalo Bills fans grazing and pile-driving each other through folding tables for guests to visit and even become part of if they so choose.

“Bills fans have created so much viral content with their alcoholic debauchery, and when the seasons over they have nowhere to go other than ruining their family’s holidays and getting their 3rd or 4th DWI after screaming the “SHOUT” song at the arresting officers. We wanted to give them a safe place to debase themselves for the entertainment of our guests.”

When visiting the Bills fan habitat, guests will be able to feed them hot dogs and chicken wings and encourage them to jump from the top of the tiger cage into a flaming dumpster sponsored by Flying Bison Brewery.

One thought on “ZooBrew To Feature A New Buffalo Exhibit Showing Bills Fans In Their Natural Habitat”

  1. Vince, have you ever gone down the 90 and treated yourself to a night out in Buffalo? Do you even know that the bars are open until 4am!?

    Do that every weekend, for years, and tell me that channeling your inner 90’s wrestling rage on some poor bastard in ‘hammers lot’ on a brisk November morning isn’t exactly what you needed to feel better about your team, your city…yourself.

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