Fred Durst Vows To Break Stuff If Not Compensated For Stoneyard Hot Dog Beer Release

BROCKPORT, NY – A local brewery’s latest release has some people rollin’ rollin’ up potential litigation over the mention of a hot dog inspired beverage.

Fred Durst of the once inexplicably popular rap rock band Limp Bizkit is demanding compensation for what he perceives as a total ripoff of the bands famous album title “Chocolate Starfish and The Hot Dog Flavored Water”

“I have no problem with anyone making a beer inspired by hot dogs. I mean who wouldn’t want that? But to not even mention our bands influence? Buddy we have a saying and it’s my way, my way or the highway.” Said Durst, also claiming he invented that phrase.

“I mean at least invite me and John Otto to the release event to perform. But some people, they just do it all for the nookie and they forget to be N 2 Gether Now”

Durst then returned to his tent behind the stage at Jazz Fest, where he was not invited to perform but is selling bootleg DVDs of Best of TRL.

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