RIT Grad Excited to Pay off Photography Degree by Working at Java’s for the Next 72 Years

Rochester, NY – Area resident and recent RIT graduate Ivy Rosemont can’t wait to join the workforce after 4 years in the widely respected photography program at the school.

“I love using old fashioned development techniques for film, but obviously I work with digital media all the time too.” Said Ivy, who begins her career at longtime local favorite coffee slingers Java’s on Saturday. “My latte art isn’t all that strong, RIT didn’t offer many classes in that, but they’re willing to work with me and I’m excited to learn!”

Ivy’s soon to be manager, Deke Handelman, who also plays in a Rusted Root cover band, said that working in a coffee shop like Java’s is a great way to earn a living and pay back ones student loans. “Honestly, accounting for a fifteen cent raise every six years, her loans should be more or less paid off by 2091.”

When asked if she’d be living the East End neighborhood that Java’s resides in, Ms. Rosemount laughed “Oh f*** no I’m moving back home! Do I look rich to you? Can you read?”

And while she couldn’t find work that directly put her degree to use, she expects plenty of opportunities to use her skill set. “I’m sure they’ll want like pictures of drinks and stuff, and maybe they’ll want me to run their social media for free?”

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