Homeless Man That Collects Beer Cans After Kickball Games Named NY’s Richest Man

Rochester, NY – Move over Tommy Gollisano there is a new power player in town! Next month Forbes Magazine will be running a feature on Rochester’s newest multi-billionaire who made his fortune collecting cans after kickball games.

Dale Dartman fell on hard times after investing all of his money into Kodak Coin a few years ago. He lost everything. The bank took his house, his wife left him, his kids emancipated themselves, and his dog committed suicide.

At rock bottom, Mr. Dartman had turned to working the streets of Lyell Ave, selling his body for Garbage Plates. It was here that his million dollar idea was born.

“I was fighting another homeless guy for the right to give this Xerox Executive an HJ in his car. I tore open the other hobo’s garbage bag of empty cans to distract him and then it hit me! Well not immediately. I did give that other dude an HJ.”

Dartman had struck gold in the form of aluminum. He knew that the Rochester Kickball leagues had started for the season and every park in the city would be littered with beer drinkers who did not want to recycle their own cans.

After just a month of collecting cans, Dartman was able to raise enough cash to hire his own team of Can Collecting/HJ Specialists. During the Summer Season, Dale Dartman is projected to make $1 Billion in Genny Kolsch cans alone.

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