Rochester Dad Flawlessly Executes Another “Construction Season” Joke

ROCHESTER, NY — Local Dad, George Cooper, performed a classic joke about “construction season” this morning, hysterical eyewitnesses confirm.

“It was just like every other Wednesday, my Dad was driving us down the highway to go to the East Ave Wegmans.” Said Jay Cooper, son of George Cooper, “There was a little bit of traffic because of some road work going on. This guy in a hardhat turned a stop sign around, and Dad out the window just said “I tell ya, Rochester has 2 seasons, Winter, and CONSTRUCTION. — The worker turned the sign back to the stop-side and fell to the ground laughing. Pretty sure he shat himself.”

After the delivery of the joke, traffic was due in part to much more than just construction. People along the highway, bursting with laughter, attempted to slam on their brakes with futility, causing a 40 car pileup on I-490.

“There was too much debris, we couldn’t get the bus through.” Said Strong Hospital EMT and first responder, Sara Hudson, “I’ve never heard anything like it. The sound of metal crushing metal, people repeating the joke in screams, peppered with maniacal laughter, all amplifying like a tidal wave toward our ambulance.” She stifled through teary laughs, “When I caught wind of the joke, I couldn’t handle it, it was just so funny, I lost control of the wheel and we careened into a ditch under the overpass.”

James Harris, highway construction foreman in the greater Rochester Area for the past 35 years, wasn’t surprised by the events that occurred this morning.

“You guys are wondering why Construction happens essentially year round? It’s because of these jokes that are cracked by Dads around town every single day.” Harris shouted,

“Remember the Blizzard of ‘93?” He added, “Yeah, the snow wasn’t the problem. Some guy was driving with his son down to Wegmans to stock up on food, we had some guys working, clearing ice off the highway. The dad pulled down the window, said “I tell ya, Rochester has 2 seasons, construction, and WINTER.” The crew lost it, the power went out, and the city shut down. We’re doing our best to improve our industrial grade ear-plugs for the times when dads crack jokes, but we just can’t keep up.”

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