Fairport Hosting “Canal Blazed” For Those Who Just Want To Get Stoned And Feed Ducks

FAIRPORT, NY – With the budding interest in marijuana making its way across the country, one of the local festivals is throwing 5 on it.

At 4:20 PM (because of course but also just a great time to start an event for the record) Canal Blazed will kickoff with festivities including Painting With A Spliff where you imbibe on ganja while you decorate a bong.

If you’re not much into doing anything while you’re stoned off your ass in public, you can get a wristband for $5 and a bag of stale bread to feed ducks and talk about your idea for a movie starring Seth Rogen & Scarlett Johansson where she wants to f*** him for some reason.

There will be no need to worry about the authorities showing up because you’ll be in Fairport, the Boulder, Colorado of Upstate NY.

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