Man Gets Gender Reassignment Surgery After Kickball Team Unable to Find Enough Girls to Play

Rochester, NY – Todd Baxter and his coworkers have had a kickball team in Rochester for 5 years now and came upon a tough choice during registration for the Summer Season.

The kickball league requires each team to have at least 3 girls to play. Unfortunately for Todd and his team, one of the women they had on their roster last year moved to Nebraska. They tried everything to find a replacement. Facebook Posts, Craigslist Posts, Flyers, writing their phone number on Public Restrooms, you name it, they tried it.

After a night of heavy drinking as a farewell, an idea struck Todd like a kickball to the face. “I know I had to man-up for the team. Or I guess you should say… woman-up” Todd said to which no one laughed.

Todd decided to go through the process of having a sex-change operation so that his team could continue their kickballing.

Todd now goes by Tammy and might be the greatest female shortstop in Rochester Kickball History. You can see his team ‘Two Less Balls On The Feild” every Tuesday night this Summer at Highland Park.


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