5 ways to celebrate “cinco de mayo” with slightly racist undertones

Rochester,NY– The day is almost upon us! Rochesterians are getting ready to celebrate “Cinco De Mayo“, a day of tequila and tacos! We know everyone out there is going to be having a great time turning this Mexican tradition into something it was never meant to be! No worries! We are here to help, here are five ways you can throw an incredible “Cinco De Mayo” party with slightly racist undertones!

  1. Make sure to put a lot of emphasis on things like “Sombreros and making taco bell references”, nothing sets the tone for racism like completely dismissing a rich culture and replacing it with shallow ideas!
  2. Tequila, tequila, tequila! Mexicans love tequila, right?! Sure, you’ve never actually had a conversation with an actual person of Mexican heritage, but f*** it! This is the shit they love! Viva la Mexico!
  3. Play non-stop pit bull music. Is he Mexican? Who cares! He looks the part, make this easy and simple!
  4. Text your slightly brown friends things like “Enjoy the day buddy!” or “Don’t eat too many enchiladas!”. They love shit like that
  5. Straight up wear a Mexican flag naked and take a shit on the floor

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