Upstate New York Dad Tries to Explain to Kids What “The Simpsons” Are

Rochester, NY – 47-year-old Father of two and Paychecks employee, David Stewart, spent 18 minutes Monday morning attempting to explain the animated TV show, “The Simpsons”, to his children. This came one day after “The Simpsons” featured a parody of the song “New York, New York” about Upstate New York and its economic troubles.

“He just kept on yelling Mr. Plow! Mr. Plow! and The Bartman you little twats”, explained 17-year-old daughter Jessica Stewart. “Then he was yelling at me because I didn’t know who ‘Cranky the Clown’ was, it reminded me of the one Christmas he got mad at us for not knowing what Animal House was.”

At press time David Stewart explained, “these kids don’t get it… not one single laugh when I put on my ‘Ay Caramba t-shirt!’ These kids are too busy with their iPods and reality TV to know good entertainment anyways.”

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