Luxury Goth Themed Lofts To Open In Mt. Hope Cemetery

Rochester, NY – Construction has begun on a building that will house luxury lofts and condominiums that cater to Rochester’s Gothic community. Located in the heart of Mt. Hope Cemetery, the spaces, while small, will feature amenities such as an utter lack of windows, a special corner for brooding, and mirrors that are so old and dirty the only thing you could possibly see in them is a ghost. Interest in the lofts has been strong. Gus Milde, bassist in the Evanescence cover band- Evanadjacent, described them as “basically a coffin with roof access, I love it!”

There will be four storefronts downstairs, which will house a coffee shop, a nightclub that’s open like 3 hours a week, and an escape room. The fourth storefront will remain empty as a symbol of so many hearts that are left to wither unfulfilled, unloveable and difficult to understand. It may also remain empty due to a lack of interest.

The units will be priced at between $2600-$4500 a month, and construction is slated to be finished when the moon is dark, dark red. Red like blood that is old, dried, and forgotten.

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  1. I’ve always loved that place. A girlfriend and I once brought a sleeping bag and slept overnight there once. A long long time ago.

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