Bills Announce Local Uncle Who Only Talks About Football Is Now in Charge at NFL Draft

Nashville, TN – The 2019 NFL Draft starts tonight and the Buffalo Bills are looking to shake things up. They have announced they will be turning to a local #BillsMafia member, and Uncle-Who-Only-Ever-Talks-About-Football-At-Family-Gatherings, named Fred Certchen to lead their draft selections.

Bills officials say they saw Fred’s hot takes in the comment sections of Facebook and decided to take him at his word that “he could do better.”

The InnerLoop Blog caught up with the 62-year-old Fairport man right before he got on the plane to Nashville.

“I was a little nervous when I got the call but I think I’ve got this. I listened to about 8 hours of sports radio a day so I think that’s enough preparation. I mean look at our President. He takes all his plans from television and radio and that seems to be working out great!”

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