Report: Monroe Ave McDonald’s Employee Currently Eating Your “Forgotten” Fries

ROCHESTER, NY – According to a local McDonalds employee, who doesn’t value her job enough to maintain anonymity, those fries you paid for are delicious.

“A lot of people don’t love the fries since they changed the recipe. The guy who ordered these never came back. I assume he’s one of those people” says an employee Monroe Ave McDonalds. “I am too, but it’s lunchtime, and I need something quick before I go back to work.”

This report comes as you’ve opened your McDonalds bag yet again to find your order incorrect. Sure, you say that you’ll never go back to this location, but that implies that you had standards before deciding on McDonald’s for lunch. Who are you kidding? This is a blessing in disguise.

“I just can’t wait until dinner,” continued the employee. “Hopefully some dupe orders a McFlurry with their Big Mac. I’m really feeling dessert tonight.”

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