Bandana Ban Ends Hopes Of Bret Michaels Performance At Lilac Festival

ROCHESTER, NY – With the announcement by The Official Committee of Lilac Aficionados are now banned from this year’s Lilac Festival, it appears our chances of witnessing a sweet Bret Michaels concert have dwindled down to zero.

While it was unlikely the former star of Rock of Love and Poison reunion concerts would show up to headline Lilac, this declaration against his signature garment will likely stifle any interest he may have had previously.

“It honestly sucks that we have to be so obtuse when it comes to headwear that a legend like the guy who did that song about roses having thorns can’t perform the hell out of that song but replacing “roses” with “lilacs” to make it local” said local botanist Charby Darby.

2 thoughts on “Bandana Ban Ends Hopes Of Bret Michaels Performance At Lilac Festival”

  1. This is a non post. He wasn’t scheduled to attend and unlikely that he would.
    I don’t even see this post as a thing…

    1. Thanks for your comment Karen. We’ll make sure to only write more believable Bret Michaels stories in the future. Look out for our future post about how he gave all of our writers HPV.

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