Webster Mom Still Afraid of The City 20 Years Later

WEBSTER, NY – Sara Davis, 39, has plenty of fond memories of downtown Rochester in the late ’90s, and none of them include her mother.  “I was in college back then, and a bunch of my friends would meet up on Monroe Ave, or High Falls.  There were some really great bars and restaurants, and my mom would never meet me at any of them.”

Her mother, Elaine Davis (age withheld) of Webster, sees things differently.  “I grew up in the city, and as soon as I met my husband we moved out to Klem Road.  I don’t understand why Sara has to spend so much time downtown.  So many thugs with their pants around their ankles.  Lord help us, she’ll get a gun pulled on her one of these days.”

Sara and her husband Andre purchased a house on Hickory Street several years ago.  “She won’t visit.  I sent her a picture to show her how safe it is, but she insisted she saw my neighbor dealing drugs in the background.  I don’t know what else to do.  We still talk about having kids, but she won’t shut up about the Webster school district!”

Sara still enjoys city life, particularly the restaurants in the South Ave area.  “I invited my mom out to my birthday dinner at Tap and Mallet next month.  I’m not holding my breath.”

When asked about her daughter’s birthday plans, Elaine responded “but Proietti’s is so much nicer!”


3 thoughts on “Webster Mom Still Afraid of The City 20 Years Later”

  1. Normally in your articles you at least try to be humorous. This is both sad and probably true for some people. I guess I just do not see what you thought was funny.

    1. It is funny, because being afraid of the city (at least in all those areas) is completely stupid.

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