Pfftt (People for Fair Food Truck Treatment) Protest Rochester Food Truck Rodeo

ROCHESTER, NY – A new division of PETA is causing a raucous just before the start of Rochester’s Food Truck Rodeo. The People For Fair Food Truck Treatment (PFFTT) have been protesting the harsh treatment that the food trucks endure and say that the monthly “rodeos” organized by the city are barbaric and cruel.

“We speak for the food trucks because they can’t speak for themselves. These majestic beasts are captured and paraded around exploited for their resources in these rodeos, and that just cannot stand”, states Elijah Green, organizer of the PFFTT protests. “Food Trucks are people too!”

A spokesperson for the Food Truck Rodeo events could not be reached for comment, but they did release a statement via Twitter stating: “They’re f***ing trucks.”

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