New Dating App Matches Singles Based on How They Take Their Garbage Plate

Rochester, NY – Dating in Rochester is a tough endeavor. With the size of our city, it doesn’t take many swipes on traditional dating apps before coming across someone you already know and probably don’t like. With summer approaching and nesting season coming to a close, a new dating app called TrashDate is being released to help us find love based on Rochester’s favorite food: the garbage plate.

TrashDate founders teamed up with GrubHub to create a simple two-part algorithm. Matches are made based on where people order plates from, and how they order them. For example, a person who orders a plate from Mark’s with all the fixings would never match with someone who orders a plain plate from Webster Hots. The only exception is timing – if it’s past a certain time at night, TrashDate understands that delivery options are limited and gets more lenient.

The app doesn’t use the traditional swipe methods that Tinder uses, instead, it’s voice-activated to avoid any meat sauce mishaps on an iPhone screen. TrashDate releases on April 20th, just in time for festival season. Go forth and find true love on TrashDate!

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