Ghost of Taco Bell Dog Warns of the Great 4/20 Massacre to Come

Rochester, NY- In a very mysterious and bizarre event, reports of the ghost of the taco bell dog has been reported to be seen at various taco bell locations in Rochester, the people who have seen the ghost claimed that the dog has spoke of a great massacre to come to Taco bell on 4/20. This is what one person had to say about the event to come.

“Yeah man, so like, my girl and I we’re just grabbing some beefy burritos and out of nowhere this f***ing dog appears right in front of us, he was covered in some sort of green aura and told us that on 4/20 many Taco Bells will be in great danger, something about lines for hours, running out of spicy sauce. It sounds wild man, I just know I was f***ing blitzed out of my skull when I saw this thing.”

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