Man With Fulfilling Life Starts Argument On Every Facebook Post

Rochester,NY- Jeremy is living his best life, he’s got a full-time job, a lovely wife and a beautiful child. It’s because of all these wonderful things Jeremy is able to do the one thing he loves the most. Starting arguments on Facebook with almost every stranger possible. It’s only because everything is going so perfectly in his life does he have all this energy to engage in digital conflicts on an almost daily basis. We had a chance to speak with Jeremy and this is what he had to say.

” You know, it takes almost everything I have to keep up to date on the post I decide to fight on, sometimes it gets up to five hundred or more comments within only a couple of hours! This is a huge passion of mine and I can only do this because of the support of my amazing wife and family. My life is so fulfilling and so good, it only makes sense that I can participate in this passion of mine. Some call it a “side project”, I call it life.

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