Rochester’s first “Ax-Catching” Bar closes 5 minutes after Grand Opening

Rochester, NY – One of Rochester’s newest local businesses has now set the world record for quickest bankruptcy.

“Back That Ax Up” is an ax-catching bar that opened in response to the popularity of Rochester’s two ax-throwing bars that are opening across the street from one another downtown.

“We thought that if people were into throwing the ax’s why not catching them too!” said owner Mike Badideaman.

The business was open long enough for a man from Penfield to fill out the appropriate insurance waivers, get into position, and miss the first ax thrown at him.

Luckily the ax hit the flask he had snuck into the bar because according to him “the cocktail prices here are insane.”

The loan officer that approved funding for the bar was on-sight for the Grand Opening and immediately rescinded all investments after watching the man get hit with the ax. When asked why now the loan officer told The Innerloop Blog “I really thought Rochester had better hand-eye coordination when they were hammered.”

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