QUIZ: Which Crappy Park Ave Bar Is Your Spirit Animal?

Rochester, NY- The summer is coming and we all know where most people will be spending their time. Park Avenue is a booming hot spot during the summer days, with most bars being equipped with outdoor seating, it’s easy to understand why most people would spend their time there on nice summer afternoons. That being said, we at the Inner Loop would like to help you figure out which shitty park ave bar is your spirit animal and share it with the world!

Half-Pint- The spirit of half-pint is one of anger and passion, this bar tells people you love Cardi B and you don’t give a f*** who knows it. Let this animal guide you through your summer days of not understanding why that Tinder matches won’t respond to your advances!

Blu-Wolf Bistro- The Blu-wolf animal is one of excess and pride. This bar tells people that you have a high paying job and shitty taste in just about everything. You like to stand outside of bars in a Polo and flaunt your freshly bought cut off shorts from Forever 21.

Dragonfly- This bar just tells everyone you have racist tendencies and are some sort of kickball team. F*** you dragonfly.

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