Local Bar Owner Teams With ICE For Cultural Appropriation and Deportation Themed Restaurant

ROCHESTER, NY – Look out Rochester, another businessman/gentrifier/manifest destiny enthusiast is looking to make his mark on the Mexican restaurant landscape whether you want it or not!

This new project will have a twist as the owner, Ezekiel Hilton, has teamed up with the soulless immigrant family destroying law enforcement known as ICE to open El Blanco Diablo’s. The new restaurant offers a once in a lifetime experience of authentic Mexican cuisine combined with the crippling fear that your waiter’s family might be torn apart due to a lapse in the Green card renewal process, just like our current justice system allows!

In addition to experiencing the horrible reality of our broken immigration system, the employees will be treated like disposable property in a hostile work environment that includes harassment verbally and sexually from the on-duty manager all the way up to the ownership that willfully ignores the rights of its workforce.

On Tuesdays, tacos are only $2!

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