“I Had a Good Night” Guy Finally Has a Good Night of His Own

ROCHESTER, NY – The Innerloop Blog is proud to report that the man who has been in charge of capturing Rochester’s best moments finally had a good night for himself this past weekend.

You probably have seen the “I Had A Good Night Dot Com” Guy out and about in the 585 area during some of the biggest events. He’s usually holding a glowing sign with his website on it and asking the crowds drunkest women to hold it for a picture.

He is known to some as “Rochester’s Groundhog.” Much like how Punxsutawney Phil can predict the weather, the I Had A Good Night Dot Com guy can predict if a concert or night at the bar will be great. As you know, if you do not see him at whatever event you’re at, it means that it means you will not have a good night, and you should leave immediately.

Finally though, after years of service to the community, this hero had a good night of his own. Saturday he stayed inside, meditated, and watch Netflix with his cats.

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