Fast & Furious 13 to be Filmed Completely in Rochester Parking Lots During Winter

ROCHESTER, NY – We’ve seen the Fast & Furious stars fight a submarine with cars, but do they have what it takes to get a parking spot at East Ave Wegmans in January?

We’ll find out in Fast & Furious 13: Way Too Fast. It was announced this week that the entirety of the film will be shot in various parking lots in Rochester in the winter.

“It’s the perfect spot for drifting and road rage,” said Vin Deisel’s stunt double Fin Hybrid.


  1. Theres more snow upstate than that. Come to Watertown and hire me on and I’ll drift, but an automatic because I still don’t have a stick shift to practice more on 😅. The kohls and Walmart parking lots are plenty big enough, plus drifting thru the downtown intersections are fun 😂.


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