‘Tickle Me Elmo’ Where Are They Now: (SPOILER: They’re All Vibrators)

ROCHESTER, NY – Where do Fad Toys go when they stop being the latest trend? Are They incinerated? Donated? Used for parts? Fad Toys are those that quickly rise in popularity, only to fall out of sight and mind quicker than their accent. Pet rocks, Hula hoops, and Yo Yos have all had their time in the limelight, only to be tossed into the yard, or sold at a rummage sale. But our Sources find one Popular Fad Toy isn’t being sold at yard sales, or thrown in the trash, they being reused, repurposed, and loved again.

“It’s a Great Vibrator!” says Marlene Fitzmin, a 54 year old RN living in Greece, “After my 5 kids grew up and left the house, I drank alot of wine. One day I passed out in basement and woke up to the sounds of that trade mark giggle, ‘Uh-ha-ha-ha-hee-hee,’ and the best Orgasm of my life.” It wasn’t long before Marlene had found an online community of individuals who had also found the erotic qualities of a vibrating children’s toy.

A quick google search had Marlene chatting with new friends from around the globe, all under the umbrella of the Elmo Sutra “Many of the unsold toys from the christmas season get sent to less fourtunate countries, they’re discovering the alleviation of pain and stress, with a freakishly high voice saying ‘I am one ticklish Monster!” Playskill is said to have noticed the uptrend in secondary market sales, and has trademarked “Finger me Elmo” for a 2019 release.


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