Is She Standing Under Mistletoe or Are You Just Creating a Reason to be a Creep?

Rochester, NY-  It’s the holiday season and everyone’s looking for someone to cuddle up with during these cold months. We know it can feel like you’re going to be alone forever and you’ll never find anyone.

The dreaded “mistletoe” can be a point of tension for most people during this time of the year, so if the next time you see a pretty woman standing under a mistletoe and you’re tempted to go over there and make a move, make sure you’re actually interested her and not just trying to be a complete creep. Here are some signs to help you know if your being creepy.


  1.  Is she in a public setting or did you sneak into her apartment again?
  2. Do you even know what a mistletoe looks like?
  3. Will this be your “third strike”?

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