Highland Park Diner Named #1 Spot in Rochester to Stand in Line at for Hours

ROCHESTER, NY – The Democrat and Chronicle released its yearly local establishment rankings this week, once again naming the highly popular Highland Park Diner on South Clinton as the city’s #1 spot to stand in line at for hours on end.

“When you break the city’s best lines down to their individual features,” Rochester’s largest newspaper explained in their report, “[the Highland Park Diner] stands out in every category: the food other people are eating smells great, the people in line with you are friendly, and the scenery outside–where you’ll be spending the majority of your time there–is second to none.”

The Highland Park Diner has won this honor every year except 2012, when reporters were unable to make a left turn into the parking lot.

Other notable picks this year were the 490-590 interchange for “Worst Place to Raise a Child” and the East Ave. Wegmans parking lot for “Cheapest Assisted Suicide”.

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