Rochester Fringe Fest 2018 will include a “Full-On PURGE”

ROCHESTER, NY – Some Rochesterians think the Keybank Fringe Festival 2018 sponsored by Skol Vodka and brought to you by Schewps Ginger Ale may be taking things a bit too far this year with a “Full-On PURGE” event.

The festival which is scheduled to begin on September 12th is known for its bizarre acts. But this year’s main attraction is the PURGE event which promises to be just like the movie but with better dialogue and 100% less Ethan Hawke.

“We are going to lock everyone into the War Memorial and just see what happens. No cops, no doctors, no law, it should get pretty interesting” said Penny Steffenpup the organizer of the PURGE event.

If legalized rape and murder are not your things there are over 500 other performances and events scheduled for the 11-day festival.

However, The Innerloop Blog does recommend that if you plan to go to any improv shows during the festival to also purchase a PURGE ticket. You will leave those “comedy” performances knowing you’d have a better time being decapitated and defiled by necrophiliacs.

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