Rochester’s Newly Divorced Aunts Ready To Turn The F*** Up For Blood Mary Expo

ROCHESTER, NY – The lilacs are blooming, the sun is shining, and your aunt Lisa is RSVPing for the one and only Bloody Mary Expo right after she gets done telling you your former uncle is a cheating pile of shit who ruined her body and her life.

There will be a smorgasbord of ketchup cocktails for aunt Tara to drown her sorrows of uncle Jim telling her he hasn’t been in love with her in over 20 years.

Auntie Rachael will be there too, smiling through the pain and talking her friends ear off about the last orgasm she experienced 9 years ago while riding the tilt a whirl.

By the end of the expo, the aunts were all collectively piling into a Hummer limo and headed on their 14th wine tour of the year.

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