Chen Garden To Add New “Fat Single Person” Menu for Valentines Day!

Rochester,NY- With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s nice to see a local business really taking charge and trying to get into the “holiday” spirit. Restaurant “Chen Garden” has just announced a brand new menu for single people during Valentines Day! We spoke with the honor of Chen Garden to see how he thinks this will affect future business!

” We have always had this menu in mind, we just didn’t know when the right time to “unveil” it would be! Everyday we get customers calling asking for “family” sized portions, pretending to talk to people in the background so they dont feel so shameful about ordering enough food for two grown adults and small children. So with this menu we’re going straight for their hearts and saying “HEY! We get it, you’re alone and sad! Here’s a personalized combo of beef lo mein and sesame chicken! We’re also going to throw in four fortune cookies so you feel a little bit better about yourself!”


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