5 Signs Stacey Is Dressing Up As Harley Quinn

Rochester NY- Halloween is upon us again, the partygoers will be hitting the streets soon, droves of people dressed as pennywise the clown, batman and the cast from stranger things will roam the streets. Yet, you cant get this feeling off your chest. What is that bitch Stacey going as. You know Stacey, she always downplays Halloween, acts like she doesn’t care. Yet, always has the most elaborate outfit every year as if she didn’t have this planned out months in advance. Here are five signs that bitch Stacey is going as Harley Quinn this year.

  1. She LOVED Suicide Squad– Like seriously, she wouldn’t shut the f*** up about it. Do you even care about plot or story Stacey? You shallow asswipe. This is why the movie industry is suffering, because people like you make movies like Suicide Squad win Oscars. Bitch.
  2. She bought the extended cut of Suicide Squad- WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT! WHAT IN GODS NAME COULD THEY HAVE ADDED! Is there a scene where Killer Croc gives a monologue about his tough childhood and how growing up with a clearly tragic skin disease caused him to have a life fueled by hate and feeling rejected. No? didn’t think so. Grow the f*** up Stacey.
  3. She posted on a buzzfeed quiz about how she would be Harley Quinn if she was apart of Suicide Squad– Jesus Christ, f*** off.
  4. I found red and black makeup on her dresser- It was just sitting there, I wasn’t like in her room stalking her or whatever, it just happened to be out when I passed by. It’s not weird.
  5. I’m dressing up as Joker– Stacey is my girlfriend, we’ve been fighting a lot, but I hope doing this couples costume will help deal with some major underlying issues in our relationship. I mean, I know couples are supposed to fight, but everyday? That seems a bit excessive..maybe we should go to a counselor or something…..god damn it.


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